6 Easy Workouts You Can Do In Front Of TV – Losing Weight and Burning Fat Was Never This Easy!

Easy workouts at homeDo you find it hard to get off the couch and start exercising to lose weight? Is it hard to get motivated enough to start initiating physical activity? Well worry no more! Now there are six easy workouts you can do in front of the television to get you started on your weight loss journey. These six simple workouts at home will help you start losing weight by burning fat all while chilling out on your sofa!

Workout #1- Squats

Squats while watching television is incredibly easy and more than possible. It’s an ideal way to lose weight. All you need to do                            is sit on the couch and rise up into the standing position.

Workout #2- Pushups

It’s incredible to think of doing some pushups while stretched out on the couch isn’t it? But it really works as it targets your arms and is a simple workout you can do at home. Basically, you place your hands on the couch shoulder width apart with your body straight and your feet put together. Ease down towards the couch and then push up using your arms back to your original position. Do so eighteen times.

Workout #3- Crunches

While stretched out on the couch on your back, try some crunches while watching television. It is an easy home exercise that will really burn fat. Put your hands behind your neck and go into the crunch position and hold. Then ease back into the original position. Perform this exercise eighteen times. This is ideal for your core and for weight loss as well.

Workout #4- Bridge Kicks

This is a ridiculously easy exercise to do at home while checking out what’s on television. All you have to do is lie on your back. Then, you squeeze your bottom while lifting up with your hips and holding for a second. Next, raise one of your legs up high and hold. Then you repeat with your other leg. This will target your legs and of course your butt. Perform four sets of eight.

Workout #5- Seated Scissors

Seated scissors is a very basic at home exercise that targets your stomach and legs while burning fat to lose weight. Sit up straight on the couch. Stretch out your legs and criss cross back and forth like scissors! Repeat this exercise forty times.

Workout #6- Lunges

Lunges are a little bit of a tougher at home exercise. However, it targets your glutes and your legs and is ideal for weight loss.

Put one leg on the couch and take a step on the floor with the other leg. Lean forward to put the pressure on the front heel. Do so eighteen times and see the difference it can make with weight loss.

Working out to achieve weight loss doesn’t have to be incredibly hard. Try these six easy workouts you can do in front of your television and see the astounding results for yourself, in just a couple of weeks.

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